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Israel Concha

Israel Concha lived in the United States for 34 years as an undocumented person. Still, he was able to finish his career in Business Administration. Realizing that he could not work for someone else due to his undocumented status, he decided to start a transportation company called American Yellow Cab. Israel provided limousine, taxi, shuttle, and concierge services where he employed 20 American citizens. He was a successful businessman for 5 years, but unfortunately one day he was arrested for a traffic ticket and not being able to prove that he was legal. Losing his immigration case while he was detained in detention centers for 2 years, he returned to Mexico City to start over. Already established, he created a system called Lisa where he connects binational people with emergency services such as jobs, legal support, psychological support, English certifications, Spanish grammar, culture and history classes, and a mentoring program. Although he still cannot see his family in the United States, he constantly fights so that more binational people can have bigger and better opportunities in Mexico and more industries can open their doors to this sector of the population. New Comienzos has supported more than 50,000 dreamers, deportees, migrants and binational families.

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