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Israel Concha

Israel Concha lived in the United States for over 30 years as an undocumented immigrant. Realizing that he couldn't work for someone else due to his undocumented status, he decided to establish a transportation company called American Yellow Cab. Israel provided services such as limousines, taxis, shuttles, and concierge services, employing over 20 U.S. citizens. He was a successful entrepreneur for 5 years, but unfortunately, one day, he was arrested for a traffic violation.


Losing his immigration case while detained in detention centers for 2 years, he returned to Mexico City to start anew. Unfortunately, Israel was kidnapped on his first day in Mexico. Once established, he created a system called Lisa, connecting binational individuals with emergency services, including employment search and training, legal support, psychological assistance, English certifications for the workplace, grammatical Spanish classes, cultural and historical education, and a mentorship program.


In 2021, Israel was able to return to the U.S. legally under a U visa, and since then, he has worked tirelessly to find bigger and better opportunities for our New Comienzos community in the United States as well.


Israel continues to fight tirelessly for more people to have bigger and better opportunities and for more industries to open their doors to the services we offer on both sides of the border. New Comienzos has supported over 100,000 dreamers, returnees, deportees, migrants, and binational families in Mexico and is now a legally established NGO in the United States. Israel Concha has been interviewed by over 200 media outlets and has participated in over 10 academic studies with prestigious universities in the United States and Europe. Israel has won many recognitions, but the most recent ones include Citizen of the Year 2023 by the Mexican Congress in Mexico City (Congreso de la CDMX) and admission to the 2024 Western Union Foundation cohort powered by The Watson Institute.


Israel is working tirelessly to open a shelter for victims of human trafficking in the United States so New Comienzos can continue with our noble cause of helping people in need find bigger and better opportunities through 21st-century technologies.

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