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What We Do


We understand that we are different in many ways because we are binational. Join our community and connect with more people like you.


English Certifications

If you live in Mexico City and have 80% to 100% English, you can get a free INEA and SEP certification. Register here;


Consejo Ciudadano supports our New Comienzos community who are in emergency situations and need help. You are not alone.


Would you like to find a new career path in the tech industry?
Sign up and become a full-stack programmer in just 5 months.

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Do you know what it means to be a Mentor? They are people from our community that have been through similar situations like yours. They can help you reintegrate into Mexican society more easily. It's a way to pass it forward and creating community.


We collaborate with the INEA to provide our community with free Spanish grammar, culture, and Mexican history classes.


We work together with Bloc_hablo to empower our binational children and teenagers. We help them reintegrate into the Mexican educational system.


New Comienzos can help you look for bigger and better work opportunities in Mexico.


We continue to knock on doors with the federal government and now our community can certify their English for work purposes. This is a federal certification that is Free and never expires.


New Comienzos works with several shelters, in order to
support our community in emergency situations. We are a binational community that helps one another.


We want our deportees and returnees to feel welcome upon returning to their home country. We visit the airport frequently to receive deportee ICE flights. Now there is a light after deportation.


Get to know a little more about the L.A. area and the surrounding areas near the Monument to the Revolution in the heart of Mexico City. In this area over 2,000 dreamers, deportees, migrants, and binational families congregate, work, live, study, and have opened their own businesses. New Comienzos also operates in the Little L.A area. Join Us!

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