About us

What Do We Do?

We are a non-profit that supports dreamers, returnees, migrants, and binational families on both sides of the border.

Our Mission Statement

Arriving in Mexico after a long period of time or for the first time can be very difficult for our binational community. Dreamers, deportees, migrants, and binational families face many problems when trying to readjust to life in Mexico. We want to assist in their reintegration into Mexican society and help them pursue and fulfill their goals and objectives by empowering them one step at a time. 

The American dream can also be accomplished in Mexico.

The Team


Israel Concha


Shunaxy Estrada

Events and Projects Director

Erika Cabrera


Ben Moreno

Volunteer Director

Ana Estrada


Addam Lessuck

Luz en la Noche Director

Edwin Rendon

Strategic Alliances Director

Laura Mungia

Emotional Therapy Coordinator

Andre Sargsyan

International Business Director

Mauricio Lopez

English Dreamer Academy

Gregory Berger

Communications and Media Coordinator

Jose Luis Gutierrez

Emergency Shelter Coordinator